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Ticketmaster Documentary Series Homecoming

Episode two: featuring Bullet for My Valentine in Cardiff.

Episode one: featuring Fenne Lily in Bristol.

In February I was commissioned by Ticketmaster UK to produce a new documentary series called Homecoming. We explore what artists love about the place they call home, which music venues have defined their career and what it feels like to play to a homegrown after spending months or years on the road.

Having exclusive access to the most exciting artists in world has given us a deeper insight into what it's truly like to come home after being away for so long, what effect that can have on your perspective and how it changes the way you see the place you call home.

Creative by Matter of Sound

Produced by Emily Brinnand

Directed by Simon Mulvaney

In Episode One we meet Fenne Lily in Bristol. Read more over on Ticketmaster's blog here.

In Episode Two we hang out with Bullet For My Valentine in Cardiff. Read more over on Ticketmaster's blog.