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The Good Out of Coronavirus Lockdown

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Over the last few weeks I have written in my journal even more than usual. My journal has always been the space I use to process what is happening in my life. To empty my mind of my hopes, dreams, anxieties, fears. Tonight I am sitting here looking down at my scribbles so I can share a few thoughts, hopes and questions that are coming up for me during this Coronavirus Lockdown.

This blog post is designed to help you see what good could come from this weird time we're living in, to start a conversation and encourage you to ask yourself some really important questions.

Before I share my perspective I want to send my love to you, your family, your friends and neighbours. I hope you are keeping as safe and well as possible. If you are feeling lonely right now please remember we are all going through this together, as an entire world.

As Rupi Kaur says in her poetry;

"the irony of of loneliness
is we all feel it
at the same time
- together

While being in this together offers us some collective comfort it also gives us a collective fear. The world feels anxious, sad, scared, confused, maybe a little angry while at the same time it feels hopeful, brave, strong and wanting to fight. These emotions are felt by the entire world and they are creeping into all of our lives more than ever.

But we must hold onto hope and try to be positive. As humans we have the power to impact how we all feel and we have a responsibility to add to that collective comfort rather than collective fear.

Try to ask yourself:

How has the lockdown already changed us for the better?

I wrote this question at the top of my journal the other morning and here's what I wrote...

It has heightened our awareness and appreciation

To notice what we didn't before. To notice the beauty on our doorstep. To be aware of what really matters. To be grateful for what we do have. To appreciate nature. To appreciate the food on our table. To appreciate the internet. To appreciate key workers that we may not think about when we're wrapped up in our own lives. To become aware that life is fragile and precious. To become aware that we must start asking ourselves some important questions.

Increased our compassion for one another

Whether we are taking big or little actions showing care and compassion for others is increasing. We are seeing the good side of humanity (even when the bad side of others is rearing its head).

Changed the way we can connect to each other

Even though we can't physically connect to each other we are all doing what we can to connect virtually. These virtual connections feel more focused and driven by our love to connect to those we want to see and spend time with. Some are all over House Party while I am slowly paying more attention to who I am connected to and how we communicate. I hope people who are connecting to help each other process this, feel better and and have fun. I also hope people are taking this time to connect to themselves. We are allowed to take time off and not be constantly connected online.

Forced us to slow down

Many of us have been forced to slow down. No morning rush, no commute, no exercise classes to get to after work, no Friday night drinks, no schedule to get through, nowhere to rush to. While this feels forced and will be stressful for so many, I hope it allows people to learn new things about themselves, to actually slow down, to look at what their daily routine was like and reflect on whether that was working for them. We all needed to give ourselves a break from rushing and here it is.

It has showed us what we are doing to the planet

Global emissions have dropped drastically.

Air pollution is down.

The canals in Venice are the clearest they've been in years.

This lockdown has given our beautiful world the chance to breathe.

While all these things are great they were needed a long time ago.

Mother Nature has sent us all to our rooms to have a think about what we've done.

I hope after this we collectively come together to tackle climate change and take care of the world we live in as well as the people who live on it.

It has raised some very important questions

Many of which I already delve into with clients and myself

What really matters?

What do you really need?

What is most important?

What do you value?

Do your values line up to how you live your life?

Do I take proper care of myself?

What do I need to address in my life that I was avoiding before?

What space can I create for myself to feel calm?

It has given me hope that the way we live can change after this

To live our lives more consciously

To support more people with their mental health

To continue to connect to what matters most

To collectively come together to solve global problems

To stop holding grudges or judgments for things that don't matter

To appreciate nature and care about it

To appreciate ourselves and those we love

I hope that you are already starting to feel more aware, more compassionate, more conscious because when you practice all of those things you will feel more in touch with what matters most. There will be many people who continue to be ignorant and not care. But you have a choice to care for yourself, others and the world.

I hope this weird time we are in changes the how we live and I hope we all sit with the questions above. If after some self reflection you think you may want some support from me as a coach then get in touch. Now might be the exact time to work on yourself. To reassess and reconnect.

What Good Is Already Coming Out of this Lockdown for you?

For anyone who wants to continue the conversation please get in touch in the comments below or via Instagram @matterofmindcoaching

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