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My Story

I’ve always had a natural urge to support and empower other people. Throughout my life I’ve helped people feel good, understood, listened to, inspired and really believe they can get through difficult times and make positive change. 


The reason I’m here helping others make changes is because I’ve made a lot of changes in my own life, for the better. I’ve been stuck, felt lost and had to pick myself up during difficult times to overcome the struggles and ultimately feel better. 


Back in 2016 I realised what I had in my life wasn't what I wanted anymore. From the outside in it looked like I was winning at life; great job, good relationship, a path to success. When actually on the inside I felt anxious, exhausted, unhappy and trapped. 


I’d been doing what so many of us often do - cruising through life without stopping to reflect on what we’re doing, thinking or feeling. We get busy and stressed and often don't have the tools to cope. 

During that time someone asked me: ‘Why carry on then?’ And it wasn’t until then that I realised I had the power to change things. When fear takes over your mind it fails to offer you any solutions. For a while this question kept coming up and after a lot of consideration, self reflection and support, I made big decisions to change direction in my personal and professional life. These changes set me off on a journey of self discovery to figure out what I wanted to be, do and have. 

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Over the next two years I learnt so much about mental health and the mind. I did a lot of self analysis, surrounded myself with inspiring people, had fun and focused on finding what felt good. I then discovered Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), mindfulness and coaching. This took my interest in mental health and psychology to the next level and I trained to become an NLP Practitioner and lifestyle Coach. 


My training reignited my love for language and the power it has over the way we think, feel and live everyday. It taught me that we become what we think and we live by the stories we tell ourselves. It also taught me that we can change those stories so they empower us, teach us and help us see how brave we were in the past. NLP and coaching has helped me see the good in my own story, it’s helped me own it and allowed me to write my next chapter with courage and confidence.


You can have this too. My coaching focuses on self inquiry and growth, encouraging you to base your intentions on self compassion and self worth, rather than expectations or societal pressures. Because I’ve been there, done that. 

As a coach I work with all people: specifically young professionals, those working in the media and creative industries, LGBTQ+ people, women and teenage girls with Girls Out Loud


Working with LGBTQ+ people is something I’ve always wanted to do since coming out as a gay/queer person in my early 20s. Growing up I didn’t have any visible role models to look up to, to relate to and say to myself, ‘The way I feel and who I am is absolutely OK’. Navigating through life as a young gay person was a struggle. At times it felt lonely and I thought people like me wouldn’t be accepted or loved. 

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What I now know is being yourself is your superpower. It’s something to celebrate because you are all you have and you are amazing. I want to help people believe that about themselves.  

I know choosing to be yourself and making change can be scary. When we get scared we have to remind ourselves that change is the only constant in life and without change we can’t grow, we can’t be the people we want to be or do the things we want to do.  


To make a change we need to tap into our inner calm, build our confidence and become more courageous. I am here to help you do that. While we can’t control the waves we can learn to ride them.  

The work and investment in yourself and your mental health never ends. Even I still get overwhelmed by work, ideas, people, life. But when that happens I bring myself back to the present moment, take a breath and remind myself that I'm only human. What I now have is an awareness to understand my mind and accept that a situation becomes negative when I see it that way. I continue to learn, evolve and grow so I can navigate my way through life and help others to do the same. 


It is now my mission to help people believe in themselves, embrace who they are and live the life they want to. 


I know you have the power to make changes. Sometimes, you need a guide who supports you and I'd be happy to help you with that. 

If you're interested to work with me please get in touch. I offer coaching online and in person at hero Training Club in Manchester. 

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