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Intentional Living

Post lockdown

Friday 5th June

12noon - 1pm


Find Calm

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Build Confidence

Be You

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Rhythm & Ritual

Summer Solstice & New Moon practices

Saturday 20th June 


Sunday 21st June 

5pm - 7.30pm

I'm teaming up with my wonderful friend and colleague Eirian, Cariad Yoga, to bring you a gorgeous weekend of yoga practice, self reflection and celebration. 

We will be leading you through Solar & Lunar yoga, meditation and journalling practices to celebrate the beginning of the summer season. While Eirian leads you in yoga practice I will be helping you  reflect on the last three months, create new rituals and set courageous intentions. 

Join us for one day or the whole weekend! For more information and to book your place click the link below. 


Anxiety, fear, worry.

Self doubt. 

Negative thoughts.


Feeling stuck.

Unwanted behaviour. 

Not achieving your goals.


Low self-esteem.


Habits and routines.

Making choices. 


Achieving your goals.

Download my Free Guide to Reduce Stress and Find Calm 

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Move from Burnout to Balance 
My free step by step guide to help you manage stress and create calm in mind and body 

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“The distance between 

your dreams and reality is


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