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12 Week Plan

Week 1

Opening Circle

We'll get things started with an opening circle, where we'll talk through the fundamentals of how the mind works and how we can train it. We'll go through the ways in which we can improve our mindset, behaviour and thinking to feel better each day. We'll discuss what the obstacles are as well as the mindset blocks. I'll also take you through the plan for the rest of the programme. Most importantly you'll acknowledge where you're at and recognise you're taking your first step to making change. 

Week 2

Reduce Stress, Create Calm

In this session we'll delve into how to reduce stress and create more calm in your life. We'll look at what stress is, what causes it and how you can regulate it more effectively. You'll gain a deeper understanding of your own stressors and gain the tools and techniques you need to feel calmer and create more balance for yourself.

Week 3

Addressing the balance

After establishing what your stressors are we'll look deeper at what is taking away your energy and causing imbalances. We'll explore how you can take better care of yourself, refuel, recover and build resilience to the stress in your life. We’ll identify what you need to feel your best, what nourishes you, what depletes you and explore how you can do those things more easily. This will include a deep dive into boundaries and self care, which are fundamental for you to feel happier and healthier. 

Week 4

Understanding our values to live more authentically

Often the reason we feel stuck or frustrated in life is because we're not living in line with our values. Once we understand and know our values we make better decisions, one that feel right to us, we live with more integrity and we improve our wellbeing and relationships. In this module you'll discover your core values, assess whether you're living in line with them and you'll explore ways in which you could experience them even more in your life. 

Week 5

Feeling better in your environment

By this point of the programme you'll have gained an awareness of what you value, what you may need to feel best and what causes stress. Something that plays a huge part in how we feel is the environments we find ourselves in. In this module we'll look at why the environments and groups you operate in matter and we'll look at what could be improved both at home, at work and in your spare time. This will be a practical and reflective session.

Week 6

Finding confidence, courage and compassion

To be, do and have what we want in our lives we need confidence, courage and compassion. Often though our fears and worries get in the way. In this module we'll explore what confidence, courage and compassion are, how they're currently showing up in your life and how to cultivate them more so you can speak up more, do things you're putting off and be kind to yourself along the way. We'll explore why it's important to embrace our vulnerability, face our fears and tap into what having more confidence, courage and compassion will bring into our lives and relationships. 

Week 7

Building the belief of good enough

We live in a world constantly telling us to keep striving, keep improving, keep going, to reach perfection. This has left many of us feeling less than. This module will explore why we often don't feel good enough and how to improve our self image. We'll focus on building and embodying the belief and habit of good enough so you can increase your self respect, self acceptance and self worth. This will all be done in a safe, supportive and compassionate way. You'll start to lean into your gifts of imperfection and feel better about who you are.

Week 8

Movement and using it to improve our mood and mind 

In this module I'll teach you how movement can improve your mood and your mind. As a qualified PT it's my aim to offer something different in the fitness industry. To help people connect or re-connect with movement in a way that feels right for them. This is what I'll invite you to do during this module. This session will be pre-recorded so you can follow along in comfort and privacy to the physical movement routines I share. I'll be inviting you to learn more about mindful and intuitive movement so you can feel more aligned with yourself. You'll learn how and why movement benefits our mental health and how to improve your relationship to it. 


The session will explore the joys of movement and include some physical activity. It will be inclusive and supportive and you can visit it in your own time. 

Week 9

Cultivating Mindfulness to improve each day

Mindfulness will be a theme that runs through the entire 12 week programme and you will have already been introduced to it as a practice. However, this module dives deeper into Mindfulness, so you can create calm in your life through formal practice and everyday living. We'll look at what Mindfulness is, ways to practice it and why embodying it as a way of being can help you feel happier and healthier in your mind and your life. I'll introduce you to the basic principles and give you access to techniques that will help you manage your emotions, feel calmer and grow your self awareness.  

Week 10

Mindful habits and wellbeing rituals

In this module we'll explore behaviour change and how to create habits and rituals that are supportive of your mind, life and wellbeing. We'll explore what habits and rituals are and how to set and sustain them. We'll ensure they feel right for you and are grounded within the principles of Mindfulness. By the end of the module you will have committed to habits and rituals you want to instil in your life and I'll provide you with the tools and theory you need to start implementing them.

Week 11

Setting intentions for now and next

In this penultimate module we'll set intentions for what you want now and next. We'll take into account everything you've learn so you can set meaningful, mindful and supportive intentions for yourself. Ones that align with your values, respect your boundaries and perhaps aim to improve your relationships. This is your opportunity to reflect on what you've learn and start to think about what you will intend to do after the course. You'll also create a wellbeing plan, revisiting boundaries, self care and your self belief. You'll commit to actionable and practical change to help you really reduce stress, find calm and feel happier and healthier inside and out. 

Week 12

Closing Circle

Our last session together will be our closing circle. In this session we'll reflect on what we've learned about ourselves, share our experiences, talk about what we've gained from the programme and what we want to go on to do now and next. It'll also be an opportunity to ask any questions. We'll celebrate each other with care and compassion.

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